We provide institutional investors with assurance that losses due to corporate malfeasance will be identified and, if appropriate, effectively pursued

Portfolio Monitoring and Case Evaluation

Kaplan Fox currently provides portfolio monitoring and case evaluation services for a large number of US and international institutional investors. All monitoring and evaluation services provided are at no cost and remain strictly confidential. If a case is recommended, an institutional investor is under no obligation to get involved. Any resulting litigation would be pursued on a contingent fee basis, i.e legal fees would be an agreed percentage of any recovery. In class action cases, all legal fees must also be approved by the Court.

Monitoring: The Basics

Kaplan Fox has a dedicated team which monitors its clients’ securities portfolios and interfaces with the clients’ custodial banks. After obtaining client approval, the Kaplan Fox team typically obtains secure, real time electronic access to historical and current transactions via the internet or other electronic networks. Kaplan Fox monitors clients’ databases on an ongoing basis to determine if the client has market losses for pending cases, potential cases under investigation and recently settled cases.

Kaplan Fox provides to its clients on a periodic basis spreadsheets providing important data regarding securities class action litigation. Reports can be customized to address client needs and objectives. Typically, Kaplan Fox provides weekly reports that only take a client a few minutes to review.

Case Evaluation

Kaplan Fox is very selective about the cases that it recommends to clients. Although Kaplan Fox will provide an analysis of any case in which a client has an interest, the firm will only bring to a client’s attention a case that it believes is very strong and for which the client has a significant market loss. Typically, the firm will first send a brief memorandum to a client that details all of the relevant factors and, if the client has an interest, Kaplan Fox will meet with the client to discuss the potential case. In making its recommendation, Kaplan Fox will consider all options including whether the client should pursue lead plaintiff status, bring an independent action, or simply monitor pending litigation as a member of the class.