Case: Diana, et al. v. Horizon Healthcare Service, Inc., No. 13-cv-07418-CCC

Court: District of New Jersey
Class: All persons whose personal identifying information or protection health information was contained on laptop computers stolen from Horizon's Newark, New Jersey office on or about November 1, 2013
Attorneys: Robert N. KaplanLaurence D. King, David A. Straite, Lauren I. Dubick

Kaplan Fox is co-counsel for the plaintiffs and proposed class of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield members whose personal identifying information and protected health information was stored on unencrypted laptops, which were later stolen in November, 2013.  The information improperly stored on these portable devices relates to approximately one-third of all New Jersey residents.  The complaint alleges that Horizon was negligent for failing to secure the laptops and for failing to encrypt the information, despite promising to do so following a similar breach several years earlier.  New Jersey State Senator leading an investigation of the incident referred to Horizon's data protection as "very sloppy."