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Kaplan Fox is an established data privacy litigation force, leading the way in filing groundbreaking lawsuits to create meaningful change in how data privacy is safeguarded. The firm’s successful data privacy practice aggressively pursues financial recovery for victims of data breaches and data misuse, while also working to bring forward-thinking changes in corporate behavior.

An illuminating example is the Yahoo email scanning case. Kaplan Fox was appointed co-lead counsel, and obtained a settlement in which Yahoo agreed to significant structural changes for its email delivery architecture, which changes were subsequently used as a model for another case. This speaks volumes about the data privacy impact of Kaplan Fox’s efforts.

Our firm’s attorneys are also dedicated to data privacy litigation outside of the courtroom through their participation on CLE panels and support for media outlets to provide accessible information on data privacy rights. Our attorneys have contributed articles to data privacy publications, furthering public knowledge and understanding of data privacy regulations. We are proud to be at the forefront of data privacy education, striving to ensure that everyone has access to accurate data privacy information.

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