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Private Client Services

At Kaplan Fox, we are committed to providing specialized services tailored to our client’s individual needs. Our talented team offers professional guidance in the areas of estate planning, management of elderly care and wealth, art, and antique collection curation, as well as real estate-related matters.

Our estate planning practice offers counsel aimed at strategically minimizing any exposure to estate taxes while proactively considering the long-term physical care of family members or other elderly relatives that may be involved. We provide accessible legal services rooted firmly in a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Our experienced legal team boasts in-depth knowledge relating to the real estate industry, including the sale, purchase, alteration/renovation, and leasing of condominiums, cooperatives, private residences, commercial properties, and other types of real estate.

We are dedicated to providing specialized and personalized service that accounts for individual needs. Our approach effectively allows for support and guidance through both short-term and long-term objectives, no matter how complex or nuanced the client’s needs may be. Clients receive assurance that they have an ally throughout all stages of the legal process.

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