Consumer Protection Litigation

The Consumer Protection Practice is headquartered in Kaplan Fox’s San Francisco office, as California has long been at the forefront of consumer-oriented legislation and litigation. The practice is led by Larry King, an experienced trial lawyer and former prosecutor.

Our effective and experienced consumer protection litigators regularly champion the interests of consumers under a variety of state and federal consumer protection laws. Most frequently, these cases are brought as class actions, though under certain circumstances an individual action may be appropriate.

Kaplan Fox’s consumer protection attorneys have represented victims of a broad array of misconduct in the manufacturing, testing, marketing and sale of a variety of products and services, and have regularly been appointed as lead or co-lead counsel in consumer protection actions by courts throughout the nation. Amongst our significant achievements are highly recognized cases including; In re High Fructose Corn syrup antitrust Litigation, In re Flat Glass Antitrust Litigation, and In re Hydrogen Peroxide Antitrust Litigation.

Among other successes, Kaplan Fox has achieved substantial recoveries for credit card holders victimized by deceptive marketing practices; consumers of a dangerous drug that was recalled by the market; and parents of children who were exposed to toys coated with lead paint.

As important as the monetary recoveries, in each of these cases Kaplan Fox required as a condition of settlement that the companies involved change their policies to minimize the chance of similar harm occurring in the future.