Case: In re: Facebook Internet Tracking Litigation, No. 5:12-MD-02314-EJD

Court: Northern District of California
Class: All persons who had active Facebook accounts and used Facebook between May 27, 2010 and September 26, 2011
Attorneys: Frederic S. FoxLaurence D. King, Linda M. FongDavid A. Straite, Mario M. Choi

Kaplan Fox is court-appointed co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs in this digital privacy class action, challenging Facebook's former practice of secretly tracking the web browsing of its users, even after they logged out.  The class action complaint alleged that the tracking constituted illegal wiretapping and violated other privacy laws, until researchers reported the practice and Facebook quickly stopped. On November 17, 2017, the Court dismissed all claims, and the case is now on appeal to the Ninth Circuit. Bloomberg News reported on the case, which can be found here.